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Google+ Setup Instructions

This semester we're using Google+ as a respository for our class' shared images.

The basic five-step startup process is to...
a) create a Google+ account, 
b) create an Photography_Art265 Circle for your in-class finished photos,
c) Add your classmates and teachers to that circle. ( how to)
d) create an Album for the current photo assignment. (each assignment will have its own Album name)
e) upload some images to that album and add comments
f) Share the album with our Photography circle.  

Setup Step-by-Step

1) Go to you Google+ and set up your G+ account.

If you've already been using G+, just skip down to Add Photography Circle, below.

As a Harding student, you've already got a Google Mail (Gmail) account.

Go there and look in the upper left corner for "+YourName."
That's your front door to G+.


2) Add Photography Circle: Photography_Art265

Since G+ is basically an alternative to Facebook, you can add all sorts of info about yourself, you can add friends, photos, etc.
We're not really doing all of that, we're mainly focusing on creating a place to post our class projects and to post comments on those projects. So, create a Circle for this class.

If you're new to G+, Circles are one thing that make G+ different than Facebook. In Facebook people are either your friend, or they are not. Everything thing that you post to Facebook is visible to everyone you've Friended.

G+ allows you to be more particular. You can have a Circle for your family. You can have a circle for just your close friends. You can have a circle for any group you like, such as for this class. Then, whenever you post comments, photos or videos to G+, you can decide who gets to see what.


Add an Album "000 First Favorites"

Complete the Google+ Photo Favorites assignment to be sure you've got it all set up correctly.



Let me know if you have problems.


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