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Week 3:Shooting Modes, Exposure, HDR

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Week 3


HU Official Final Exam Schedule for 4pm TuTh Classes:

Final exams for 4:00 TTh classes will be administered on Friday of Finals Week from 10:30 to 12:30.
(Spring 2013)

(originally, the university had not included 4pm classes on the Finals schedule)


Upcoming Photography Exhibits at the Arkansas Arts Center

Wendy Maruyama: Executive Order 9066
Feb 1 — April 21
Exhibit focuses on the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. The exhibit "...leads viewers to imagine and metaphorically expereince the places and events of the mass incarceration of American citizens by their own government."

Edward Weston: Leaves of Grass
Feb 1 — April 21
Explores Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass through images of America during WWII.


Presentations on the History of Photography

In two weeks we'll be beginning our presentations. These are short (6-8 minute) introductions to the images, the concepts, the techniques and the influence of select photographers. Obviously, in that amount of time, we can't go into a lot of depth — your main objective is to introduce us to their body of work. Help us become familiar with their imagery, their style, their themes — help us to recognize their work and to understand what is distinctive about their work.

People who sign up for the first presentation day get 5% bonus; second day presenters get 3% bonus.

You'll present using Powerpoint. If you've taken Color Theory, the setup here, is roughly the same.

Full project description and list of topic options.



In Class

Due Today: Draft uploads of 002_Straight Photo images.

How easy was it to revisit your graphic concept?
Did you revise it at all, or were you able to focus on it clearly and concisely?

What did you shoot? How did you pick your subject? What traits did you look for?
What surprised you?
What went wrong or got in your way?

Did you do any previsualization? ...did you sketch before your shoot?
If so, what traits were you working on in those sketches?
...what compositional traits did you want to establish when you framed your images?

How did the "no cropping" rule work?
What's it like doing all of your cropping and composing through the viewfinder?

Did you use Camera RAW for your editing?
What features did you have trouble with?
What features worked well for you?

You were to establish consistent color and tonal traits throughout your set.
Was that difficult? ...or was lighting so consistent that it was easy?
What post-processing did you have to do to get tonal- and color-unity throughout your series?

How well did auto-bracketing work for you?
How often was your final image based on either the under- or the over-exposure?
What sorts of lighting situations took best advantage of bracketing? ...on, in what sorts of situations did the "normal" exposure not work best?

What post-processing edits did you make to your images?

How did you pick the images for your final set?
What was wrong or weak about the other images in your "Runners Up" album?

If you were to reshoot this image set, what would you do differently?

What additional editing might strengthen your images prior the project deadline, next class?


Aperture and Depth of Field

How do I decide?
How do I set Aperture(f-stop)?

Intro to Aperture



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