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Week 6:

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Week 5

Late 19th C. History of Photography

start Wed, Feb 8
All presentations assigned?
...know your topic?
...know your date?

Explore topics for Contemporary Photographer presentations.

Formal Critiques of photos and photo strategies.
Composition, Design, Visual Elements in imagery.


Golden Mean: due in your Dropbox. Create a Proj02_Golden folder.

Altered-Background Images: Who has the best "here's proof I've been there" image?

Scan-O-Gram: Create a Scan-o-gram using the exercise found on page 209.

Project 3a- Depth of Field
Select and shoot a series of subjects that explore depth of field. Create an image that works best with a limited depth of field and an image that works best with a great depth of field.
Explain your rationale for each.


For Next Week

Required: Using at least three different images...
The podcasts linked/discussed above deal with basic compositing, selection techniques and layer masks. Those are the key skills you'll needed.

Goal: Create three distinctly different images by varying only blend modes, layer opacity and layer masks.

Your full-size, Photoshop image should be at least 4mpix.

Create a lower-resolution version of your images for uploading to DropBox.
Follow the steps illustrated here to create a 2-megapixel version of your image for in-class viewing.

Save those images to your DropBox Art265_Photography folder.
Create a folder called: Ex6_BlendModePlay
a) the low-res version of your Photoshop file
b) the initial source images, and the final 3 images, each as JPGs.


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