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Online Photographic Collections and Exhibitions Sites

The American Museum of Photography

The Exhibits page lists many themed collections. Most are Modern or early 20th c. collections.
American Photography: A Century of Images  
CEPA Gallery  
George Eastman House The collections are tough to find... go here for their older site. Collections by artist. Includes images of old cameras.
J. Paul Getty Museum The Photography section emphasizes old photographic techniques.
International Center of Photography a few exhibits accessible here.
The Library of Congress Print Room Many collections. Tough to click through. Only thumbnails of many images.
LOC: American Memory Collections  
Light Work  


Masters of Photography Modest collection of major photographers, including some late Modernists.
Museum of Modern Art 6000+ images sorted chronologically. Includes recent works. Can search.
New York Public Library  
Photo-Eye Gallery Online exhibits of works by contemporary photographers.
Smithsonian Institution Excellent historial images to search. Images are small.
Women in Photography International  
Zone Zero Their Gallery present a large collection of exhibits by individual artists, many are relatively recent exhibits. Some include artist's statements.
Museum of Contemporary Photography  
Single-Photographer Sites  
Pedro Meyers  
Photography Galleries  
Schneider Gallery Click on "Represented Artists" to see names, and then portfolios of contemporary photographers.
Aggregated Links to Many Photographers  
Electronic Cottage Gallery Quality varies, but there is a broad range of work.
Photography Now  



Craft, Skill and Techniques

These sites have articles and tutorials on essential skills.
Adorama Learning Center: many well-organized articles and videos on the craft and practice of photography.
Studio Portrait Lighting on a budget: specific affordable lighting system, lighting diagram setups, etc.

All Things Photography Articles on all of the essential terms and basic skills.

Cambridge Camera Tutorials/Articles Generally very well-explained material by pros.

3Exposure — Time-Lapse, HDR and Panoramic Stitching articles/blogs/tutorials


DPReview: Arguably the most thorough source of camera and equipment reviews.


Adorama Learning Center: many well-organized articles and videos on the craft and practice of photography. Articles on all aspects of Photography — equipment, business practices and digital editing. (appears to be a new site ... limited content so far Jan'12

Creative-Expressive Issues at Cambridge Photography



Cambridge Camera Post-Processing Tutorials/Articles By photographers, for photographers. Always good. Sometimes great.


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