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Project: Google+ Photo Favorites

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Goals & Concept

This assignment is partly to be sure we're all set up correctly with Google+...

...and partly to get us used to online critiques using Google+...

...and partly (finally) to see what kind of images you respond to.



You don't have to shoot any photos for this.
You'll just need to find existing photos.

Look for four of the best photo that you've taken.
Surely they're on your hard drive or phone or up in the cloud somewhere.
This doesn't have to be anything in particular. It doesn't have to reflect fabulous photo prowess. It just needs to be photos that are important to you.
Find them and get set to upload them to G+ .

Select 4 Photographers online and 10 images created by those photographers that "speak to you."
Do you know what kind of images impress you?
Spend some time searching online photo sites to fine images that interest you. Look for photographers that clearly, repeatedly create imagery that impresses you, catches your eye, makes you think, or just simply draws you in to spend time looking.
Each photographer has an eye and a voice -- an eye for images or content that they respond to. Through their images they speak about what moves them, about what is significant to them, about an attitude or a paradigm that relates to their life in some way.
Look for photographers whose images speak to you.


To grab images from the web for class discussion, I...
a) found some of the images by a pro photographer (e.g. Ansel Adams)
b) created a folder on my hard disk
c) dragged images from the photo website into my folder
d) then dragged those photos into my Google+ "000 PhotoFavs" album.  Then I could add comments to the album or to the images.
e) made sure that "000 PhotoFavs" was in my "Photography_Art265" circle.

Look for three favorite photos by someone else.
Usually this will be a published photo that you find online, or possibly you'll scan it in from a book or magazine.
You might surf images on Flickr or Deviant Art, or PhotoBucket, Fotki or 500px.
Look for images that you really wish that you had shot. When you have that "I wish that image were mine!" feeling, you've found one.


In Google+, create a photo album for this assignment.
Call the album “000 Google Photo Favs”.

Drag that album into your Photography_Art265 circle.

Upload your images to Google+ into “000 Google Photo Favs” Album.  

Now add some commentary about the images.
We'll be doing this all semester, so get used to putting your thoughts and observations about images into words.

Add a brief (say, 20-40 words) description of why you included each image as a "caption" for the image.


By Thursday, 8am

Post to G+ :
Add Project Photo Album: “000 Google Photo Favs

6 images

Write critical comments about why each image was chosen.


Thursday, before Class

Crit your Peers:
Go to G+ and review what your classmates have uploaded.

For each classmate, go to their “000 Google Photo Favs album.

Add comments to at least one image, or to the series as a whole.
Pick out (at least) one image per person and describe the traits that, to you, make this a strong or an impressive image.



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