Course Syllabus/Introduction
Art 260 —Design Foundations II

3 hrs. credit
Spring 2019

Section 1: Tuesday & Thursday, in Art 201, 10am — 12:50
Section 2:
Tuesday & Thursday, in Art 201, 1pm — 3:50

Course Description

A concentrated study of the theory and application of color, both fundamental and advanced.

Prerequisite: Art 200/160 or consent of instructor.

This Design Foundations II course is a visual design theory course that extends the topics and concepts introduced in Art 200/160, 2D Design/Design Foundations I. Basic principles of visual design and composition continue to be emphasized, clarified and experimented with. However, here we add an intense elaboration of design principles related to color — which are given only brief discussion in Art 200/160.

We continue practicing and refining our creative problem-solving skills, working to understand and analyze design problems, developing distinctive concept statements and then creating and refining designs that manifest that concept.

We explore the history of the use of and study of color, as well as trends and practices in the contemporary professional art and design.

The course involves a balance of lecture and discussion along with extensive color exercises and design problems.




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