Design Foundations II Course Texts

Art 260 / Greg Clayton

Required Text

Note that only the first book, below, must be purchased.
The others may be downloaded or are on reserve in the Harding Library.

Note to my previous 2D Design/Design Foundations I students — the text is used more heavily here. This course has more lecture than, has several fairly demanding exams, and the exams are a significant portion of your final grade.
Therefore, get the book.

Color, Paul Zelanski & Mary Pat Fisher 6th ed.

Color - required textbook

ISBN: 0205635601
ISBN 13: 978-0205635603

REQUIRED TEXT used for lectures and exams.
Available online or at the Harding Bookstore.

The Acrylic Book

Liquitex downloadable text

There is a variety of useful technical information on Liquitext acrylics at their site. We will be using their freely downloadable PDF The Acrylic Book as a source of information and ideas about using acrylics.


Color Structure & Design, (libr.Resrv.) Ellinger

Ellinger optiona text

(out of print. Purchase is NOT REQUIRED for this course!) (Amazon)
Copies can be checked out from Harding's library. Essential content from this text will be presented in class lectures.
This text presents and discusses a strategy for charting, analyzing and planning color harmonies.

Optional and Recommended Books on Color

Throughout the course, optional books may be suggested on color used in interiors and graphic design, as well as special media/technique texts on markers, colored pencil, etc. Look here for links to suggested books.

Optional Books


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