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What is Senior Seminar?

Art 4501 Senior Seminar is a capstone course for art and design majors.
\Art 4501 is specifically for those students majoring in the fine arts (general art, VAS (visual arts studio)), art education and those preparing for graduate work in art therapy.

Three-Dimensional Design Major (3DDE), BFA
Painting Major (PTNG), BFA
Art Major (ART) (Non-Teacher Licensure), BA
Art Major (ARED) (Teacher Licensure), BA

Our main focuses are your senior art exhibit and preparations for a transition to graduate school and/or professional practice.

Among the topics that may be explored are:

Senior Exhibit
— set date, gallery and exhibit partners.
— explore priorities involved in planning an exhibit.
— Set up a timeline of tasks to complete before the exhibit.
Framing, Matting and Presentation Prep..
— Discuss hanging the show.
— Marketing (posters, mailing lists, email, social media, invitations, announcements)
— Opening and Reception.
Artist's Statement

Professional Practice
— Varied career paths of visual artists
Resumés, business cards, cover letters.
Interviews for positions.
— Marketing and promotion strategies and timelines.
— Basic business practices, accounting and record-keeping.
— Preparing artwork for professional presentation.
— Preparing portfolios.
— Preparing promotional web sites
— Preparing a business plan.
— Assessing galleries and meeting with dealers.
— Gallery relationships, agreements and terms.

Graduate School
— To go or not to go... and when?
— Exploring graduate programs.
— Selecting graduate programs.
— Preparing for admission applications and interviews.

The main things that you make during this course are...
Your resumé
Cover Letter
Senior Exhibit
Professional or Academic Plan
(business card, web portfolio, web resumé, critiques of exhibits, practice interviews)


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