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Who can register for an Independent Study course?


Who may take an Independent Study Course?  

I.S. courses are sometimes available to students who have demonstrated, by their prior coursework, that they are capable and willing to manage their time and focus their attention with little oversight and with relatively little course structure

An independent study course has to have a sponsoring professor – the teacher who supervises your plan and works with you in the course.  Thus, you must have a professor who agrees to teach the course.  Professors are not, generally, required to take on Independent Study courses and will only do so when their existing teaching responsibilities allow.

Also, some professors prefer to not approve 3hr indendent study courses until a student has demonstrated that they are organized, disciplined and focused enough to handle a course with a high degree of independence.   You may, for instance, need to complete a 1-hour Independent Study course before a professor will approve a 3 credit hour independent study.  Check with indivisual professors on their policies and preferences.

An I.S. course may not be taken until all regular university courses in the subject area of the independent study have been successfully completed.  I.S. courses are intended to expand a student’s growth into areas pertinent to the student’s individual academic and career goals, beyond the topics addressed by regularly scheduled courses.

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