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What's the purpose of a resumé?

How and when is it important?

Who sees it and what are they looking for?

What are the priorities?

What needs to be on a resume?

What order or sequence?

How bold or how traditional?

How much is about facts, how much about image?

What will doom a resumé ... what are the faux pas?


Introduction to Resumé Writing

Below are links to sites/pages that offer helpful information on what a resumé should and can be.

WorkBoom Resumé Ctr | College Art Assoc. Resumé Guidelines | Creative Resumes pt1 pt2 | Teacher/Art Therapy Resume Notes

In the fields of art and design, the rules are superficially much more open, but the basic objectives remain the same — communicate what your skills and experiences are, concisely, accurately and attractively.

We visual folks are allowed, even encouraged or expected, to communicate visually as well as verbally. But the extent to which you show off your graphics may be limited by who you will be presenting your resumé to. Presenting a resumé to a school district superintendent is different than presenting to a design firm's creative director — they will be impressed by distinctly different qualities. Thus, you may need to design alternate versions of your resumé for the different positions you are applying for. Nevertheless, explore ways to express who you really are, as well as communicating the essential facts about your training and experience.


Sample Resumés

Sample1 | VisDesign GrComm | NewGrad Annim *site | Creative GrDes (30) | Creative Resumes pt1 pt2 | Creative Resumés Deviant Art

Fong Sample | Pasquarelli Artist/Watercolorist | Mirle & Judy's | Aubrey |

Art Therapy Resumés: wNotes | Furman | Lyshak | Beck + WebDesign Svcs | Youngman | Smith + links |

Google Images of Artist Resumés | Google: Art Therapist Resumé |

Sample HU Portfolios & Documents


Other Resources

Resumé & Crit |

You can find a lot of aids for getting a resumé going ... whether a print resumé or an online, web-posted resume, there are templates available. Some templates are free and downloadable, others are not free. Quality varies a lot. Appropriateness for your particular needs also varies a lot.

Templates for Print and/or OnLIne Resumés | For-Fee "Resumé Builder" |


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