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Project: Final Photo Exhibit

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Goals & Concept

The Short Version

Print, mount and present select images from your projects this semester.

Include two image(s) 140 sq. inches or larger.  
(e.g. an 11x14 image is 154 square inches; an 8x20 panorama is 160 square inches; a 12x12 images is 144 sq in. )

Mount or mat for presentation.

Prepare gallery labels.

Hang for exhibit.


Most guidelines are the same as the Mid-Term Exhibit.
Review them to be sure you've got everything covered.

The images needed for this exhibit are to be larger than for the Mid-Term Exhibit.

Select images that were not included in the Mid-Term Exhibit.
(the exhibiting group may choose to add some works from the prior exhibit, but new images meeting this project's requirements are expected.)

You'll be including at least one of your image series.
While appropriate sizes vary, typically you'll need each of the images in the series to be roughly 5"x5" or larger.
You may print your series on one large print, or you may print each image individually.

As before, class members will organize the tasks of preparing the gallery, preparing labels, a gallery list, and promo poster. Class member will also participate in hanging the exhibit, taking it down and restoring the gallery, as discussed in the Mid-Term Exhibit expectations.



Printing Options:


Mounting/Presentation Options:


Hanging an exhibit:


By Monday, April 29, 9a.m.

Have group exhibit hung, labeled and ready for viewers with sign at entrance.





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