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Project: Mid-Term Photo Exhibit

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Goals & Concept

The Short Version

Print, mount and present select images from your projects this semester.

Print and exhibit at least one image 8"x8" or larger.

Print and exhibit at least two images 6"x 6" or larger.

Mount or mat for presentation.

Prepare gallery labels.

Hang for exhibit.


Most of our work with images has been on a computer.
We preview images via the LCD screen on the back of the camera.
We edit images on our computer's flat screen.
We critique image via web-posted displays.

So, we've likely never even seen our images as independent, printed, reflective images — which is the traditional way of presenting and viewing images.
Its time to view them as prints.

Printing photographs presents its own challenges.
You have to print, or have a print service provider print your images at adequate quality for presentation.
Your files must be prepared for printing. Image size, resolution and file formats must be appropriate.
If available, color profiles from the printer should be used for final color calibration.

Select images for presentation.
Finalize editing for printing.
Select a print service provider and have your images printed.
If color issues are poor, reprint.

Mount your works on matboard or presentation board.
NOTE: the class may decide to mat works consistently for sake of exhibition.
For instance, the group might decide to mount all images on white boards, or on black boards, or on gray boards.
The group might decide to create presentation boards of a consistent size or sizes.

We'll use a template to set up gallery labels.
You'll prepare your own labels using the template in preparation for exhibition.

Shared Group Responsibilities:
Organize and partipate in the hanging of the show.
In a more extensive exhibit, the to-do list looks something like this.
Organize and participate in preparing a sheet or brochure listing the works and artists in the show.
Organize and participate in preparing and posting promotional posters for the show.
Participate, also, in taking down the show and restoring gallery walls.



Printing Options:
consider ganging print jobs with other students if work can be printed on large format printers.
Consider comparing the best ink-based printers with photographic images (emulsion-based photo paper).


Mounting/Presentation Options:

Group Decisions:
Will we mount all of our work on a consistent colored presenation board? ...or will each of us choose our own presentation tactics?

Will we mount on boards of a few set set sizes...or heights? ...or will any size or proportion of presentation board suffice?

Will we select our images according to any theme or criteria in order to develop unity throughout our exhibit? ...or can each person select what they want to show?


Hanging an exhibit:



Task Deadline


Proposed works to be printed and exhibited

Mar. 4

Show, share and discuss the images that you are considering exhibiting.
As a group, discuss what you will actually exhibit. Help each other decide between possible candidates.
As a group, decide whether a shared theme will unify the exhibit, or if you'll be showing a disparate collection of images.
Discuss printing options.
Get works printed. by Thursday,
Mar 6
Get your print orders off in time for today.
If you're ganging images for printing in shared print orders, have the files ready to go for the service provider.
Know when these will be completed.
Plan for mounting and presenting individual works Tuesday,
Mar. 4
As a group, figure out how works will be mounted for presentation.
Will you use presentation boards of a similar color?
...of a similar size or height?
Make sure everyone knows the plan so there are no surprises when hanging the show.
Decide what kind of hanger (on the back of each presentation board) or hanging system ("L" nails for light-weight presentation boards?) will be used.
Prepare labels by Tuesday,
Mar 18
Prepare consistent labels for each work presented.
You might prepare a templete in MS Word, or Illustrator or InDesign.
Prepare show list by Tuesday,
Mar 18
Prepare single-sheet flyer describing listing all artists, works and a general statement about the exhibit.
Put someone in charge of laying this out, collecting the info, and printing it.
You might wait for final printing until the final arrangement of works in the exhibit is determined.
Hang exhibit Thursday,
Mar 6
Discuss the generall arrangement.
Assign a team to hang the works, assign someone to hang the labels.
Take down exhibit ~Thursday afternoon,
Mar. 27
Take down works and labels. Return to artist.
Repair gallery walls by spackling and sanding holes and, if needed, spot-painting wall repairs.



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