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Art 260 / Greg Clayton

Fall 2018


Exam 1

A260 Color Mixing1_online






Exam 2

A260 Ch04 Emotion-Psych Pt1_online

A260 Ch04 Emotion-Psych Pt2_online

A260 Ch04 Luscher_online

A260 Ch05a Color Composition_online

A260 Ch05b Color Composition_online

Ch05c Color Composition_online

A260 Ch05d Color Composition_online

A260 Ch06a Theorists Early_online

A260 Ch06b Theorists 1800+_online

A260 Ch06c Theorists Late19thC_online

A260 Ch06d Theorists 1900+_online

A260 P11b Scheme to Palette Palette Planning introduction and examples (pp 69ff) Scheme Planning online notes

Exam 3

A260 Ch07a Subtr PntMunsell_OL

A260 Ch07b Subtr Glass-NaturalClr_OL

A260 Ch07c Subtr PrintGamut-OL

A260 Ch08a Light Mixtures_OL

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