Luscher Color Test

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Personality Traits & Issues from Color Prefs

What might your color preferences mean?

Just current taste? Or clues to your inner life?


In this short exercise you'll complete a Luscher Color Test, review the results, and report briefly on the validity of those results.

Consider whether color preferences are meaningful or simply personal, arbitrary selections.


Follow the instructions and take the online test at:      
Luscher Color Test (ColorQuiz)
OR       Luscher Color Test (ViewZone)
OR       Luscher Color Test (Online Test Pad)


Luscher Color Diagnostics : this alt version is set up a bit more like the beginning of the full version of the Luscher test. It only asks, effectively, about your warm prefered hues, and then your cool preferred hues.
The site then offers the full Luscher test for 60 euros.

AND either one of these

— Alternate Color Test: TestColeur Color Personality Test — "TestColor symbolical rules are in conformance with the Freudian topics and the C.G. Jung's typology, as well as Luscher color test."  ($ for longer report)
— Alternate Color Test: Dewey Color Test — Personality test with career recommendations. "The Color Career Counselor is the world’s first non-language test to define occupational interests."  ($ for report)


These tests are different -- they declare that there are "color personality types". Each person "is a color", or, rather, a mix of colors. Each color represents a personality type or matrix.

ColorCode free personality test -- questions on topics/characteristics, not color choices. This test determines what color you "are." ($ for longer report)
This test also asks you questions, and then tells you what color you are in terms of their color personality types.
What do you think of the "color types"?

Gold | Loyal Dependable Prepared Organized Caring, detail-oriented and love to plan, value history and tradition, enjoy being the best at what you do, and believe there is a right way to do everything, need for structure, security, and predictability

Orange | fun, energetic, and charismatic, charming and quick-witted, creative and spontaneous, need for excitement and socialization.

Blue | typically calm, optimistic, and kind. You are a genuinely caring and compassionate, deep desire to feel appreciated and loved by others, your positive attitude motivates others, are a quiet leader who inspires others

Green | extremely intelligent. You have an innate desire to do things to the best of your ability, and take pride in your work, a big thinker, enjoy talking with others about abstract, philosophical ideas. You enjoy thinking about the future, very independent. Although you enjoy spending time with others, you need your private time each day to recharge.


Note that he online Luscher tests vary a bit in format and diagnostic detail.
Some appear to do a more sophisticated job of assessing your color choices. However, I've not had enough folks compare results to confirm that reliably.
So, if you want to add some fun, and bonus points, try taking the test twice ... once via Test1 and once via Test2.
When you take the test the first time, make notes on the color-order you chose. Then use the same color-order on Test2.
Tell me how the results varied.

When you take the test, make notes on the order of the colors you picked.

Have the results sent to you by email. (this is an option on the last page of the test results)

Forward the results (edit them if you prefer...but indicate where you've deleted text.) along with your comments (below) to


Respond by email to these questions:

— Which comments are the most accurate and specific?

— Which comments are the least accurate?

— How valid do you feel this test is in identifying your current personal desires and tensions?

Alternative Luscher sites and Suggestions

Other sites and information on Luscher Color Test

Several of these may no longer be available. Others have switched from free to $$$. As with all things on the web, they change.

iPhone/iPad App:
This purports to offer the full Luscher Color Quiz. (Spring '14 — app may have been removed from U.S. iTunes site.) Anyway, try it out and let me know (or, better, bring your iPhone/iPad by so I can try it!)

Diagnostic/Interpretation Notes

The Official Luscher Color Test site. Note that an authentic Luscher test requires access to the officially approved color cards — cards with very specific colors, rather than the generally correct colors used in our simplified, online, on-screen tests.

Links on Color and Meaning:

Color meanings within the Luscher Color Test. This page presents some meanings or associations with nuanced colors -- i.e.. variations on blue, instead of "what blue means".

This site is all about beauty, makeup and fashion selections (with far more ads than content) -- but this article offers some ideas on just what various colors express when we wear them. Secret Influence of Color

A discussion of color personality tests
Info, background and skepticism.

Alternative Color-based Personality Tests


— Alternate Color Test: TestColeur Color Personality Test 
"TestColor symbolical rules are in conformance with the Freudian topics and the C.G. Jung's typology, as well as Luscher color test."  ($ for longer report)
Theory the test is based on   |  How it is Evaluated  | 

"When you choose a color, it’s not an expression of your analysis of chromatic values, but an unconscious expression of your attraction to or rejection of the emotions borne by this color.
You thus indicate your preferences on a universal reference scale.
You show what emotions carry you, and what emotions bother you. You reveal who you are.

"Our personality test works like this: It suggests universal emotional combinations that either resonates with you or not, and reveals in the process who you really are."

— Alternate Color Test: Dewey Color Test 
Personality test with career recommendations. 
"The Color Career Counselor is the world’s first non-language test to define occupational interests." 
($ for longer report)  Credentials

"In what must be an industry record, a large-scale validation study was performed using a base sample of over 770,000 people. When focusing on respondents who actually enjoy their current careers, the findings indicate that the CCI can predict people’s career choices with 80% accuracy. This means that the CCI can reliably and validly identify careers that will be the most satisfying, as 4 out of 5 times the best choice will be among the first 25 listed."


The Eight Colors

Luscher's Basic Colors

Blue (1) - Represents "Depth of Feeling" and is concentric, passive, incorporative, heteronomous, sensitive, perceptive, and unifying. Its affective aspects are tranquility, contentment, tenderness, and love and affection.

Green (2) - Represents "Elasticity of Will" and is concentric, passive, defensive, autonomous, retentive, possessive, and immutable. Its affective aspects are persistence, self-assertion, obstinacy, and self-esteem.

Red (3) - Represents "Force of Will" and is ex-centric, active, offensive-aggressive, autonomous, locomotor, competitive, and operative. Its affective aspects are desire, excitability, domination, and sexuality.

Yellow (4) - Represents "Spontaneity" and is ex-centric, active, projective, heteronomous, expansive, aspiring, and investigatory. Its affective aspects are variability, expectancy, originality, and exhilaration.

Auxiliary Colors

Violet (5) - Mixture of red and blue, and therefore has properties of both. Represents "Identification" and looks for reality in everything thought and desired. Violet is enchantment and wants a magical relationship.

Brown (6) - Relates to bodily senses. Its placement in the row indicates the body's condition.

Black (7) - Expresses the idea of nothingness, as it is the negation of color itself. It represents renunciation, the ultimate surrender of relinquishment.

Grey (0) - Being that it has no color, not dark nor light, it represents non-involvement and concealment.


Student Comments on Results

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