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What was the most valid result?
What was the most absurd or unlikely result?
How valid do you think the results are overall?

Comments Fall '08


I don't personally acept these like a horoscope, they just seem to be too general and we just make them fit.. but sometimes its fun.....
This may be parially true...
I'd say I'd agree with a most of that part...
most of this I don't agree with and I wouldn't know but about the last part but the part about being sensitive and sentimental is probably true...
maybe true, but I don't know we'll have to wait and see...
I still think that most people if this such thing happened would feel the same way.. but I havent had that many setbacks so I don't really know...
so over all I guess it may tell a little but overall I just feel its a generalization that people just by into and fit into their lives.. but who knows maybe their is more to it than that...


I took the color test, and I did not find it to be that accurate. (Most parts I didn't say, "Wow, that's me!").
I am not really seeking power or prestige, and am more frugal than always wanting to buy something.
The second part was very accurate, about wanted to be unhampered except for things I impose on myself.
I guess I don't like conflict. I wouldn't say I am always trying to be charming & impress others, although I do try to avoid making a bad impression.
The "your actual problem" was very accurate, that I "insists on developing freely as a result of her own efforts."
I took it again, and got different answers, some of which were more accurate & some were even less accurate.


-mostly true. I definitely struggle with the hope that certain things in my life will get better.
-This one fits in very well relating to my family. I don't really feel very "listless" or devoid of energy."
-Who wouldn't want "loving care" and "security"?
-Okay, I do admit to deliberately not joining things from time to time for fear of failure. Overall, the test was very accurate and interesting to take. I could not have anticipated the answers.


I do not think that the Color quiz is very sure way of knowing much about personalities, becuase I took it three times and each time I recieved a seperate response. Some things are more accurate, such as "feelings of isolation/ loneliness" that seemed to appear most of the times that I took it, but almost anyone can relate to that on some level. It is true that I am an outgoing person, but some things I didn't feel were me.


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