Creative Problem Solving Process

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2nd Stage: Analyze

Creative Problem-Solving: Analyze

Get to know the problem space.
Get your head into the problem...into the situation that you want to change...into the idea that you want to share.
Get the problem into your head...fill your mind with the context and concerns... immerse yourself in it.

Research, Analyze and Explore anything and everything related to the problem.

What really is the problem that needs solving? What is it that you have to deal with?Are you trying to eliminate change something...or to create something new?
What has been tried before?
What tools, materials or processes might be useful? How might you access those — at what cost?
What does the client (or teacher) expect of your solution?

This is, in part, a research stage. What can I learn about this problem and the potential solutions to this problem?


Questions To Ask:

What does the client/teacher want achieved?

What should the solution avoid (boundaries/limitations)?

What has been done in the past? (previous solutions to similar problem)

What materials, tools, processes or resources might be available -- and how would you access them?

How much time is available and how does that influence your work/plan/process?


A Failure to Analyze

"I already know all I need to I'll just forge ahead."

Recognize when you're getting lazy. Be willing to not know — and be willing to search out what you need to know. That won't end with college.

Designers recognize that information provides much needed alternatives and clarifies the best direction to take. Information may or may not be power — but it sure can be liberating. Commit to exploring everything you can about your design, your medium, your client, your audience and your content.
What you learn will enrich your art and design.


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