Presentation — Matting, Mounting & Framing

Presentation has a big impact on impact. Your art is either limited by, or enhanced by how you present it to others.


Matting, Mounting & Framing  

Vast info and examples are available in articles (downloadable PDFs) at Picture Framing Magazine.

Picture Framing Magazine Extensive downloadable PDF articles on matting techniques and ideas.
Offset corners and V-Grooves (PDF) Two somewhat fancy things you can do with a matt-cutter to liven up a mat.
  Traditional French Matting (PDF) Multi-matt, striped and/or color toned matts.

Measuring and Cutting (YouTube 9.41)

Cutting w. simple cutter

Measuring and Cutting


Note: there are dozens of video demonstrations of matt-cutting techniques on YouTube. Most of them confuse me...and I've cut hundreds of matts. Some of the videos demo very specific matt-cutter models, though the techniques are generally applicable to other matt cutters. Still, most demos are really bad.
SO, if you come across a really helpful, clear video demo on matt-cutting, send me a link! (or, get out a video camera and make some better demos for us.)

Logan Matt cutter demo (not toooo different from HU's) Another Logan model demo'd.

  Excel Mat Calculator

This is an Excel spreadsheet that will help figure out the dimensions needed to properly cut your mat. Download the file and open in Excel.

There are two pages in the spreadsheet:
Frame & Image Known (first page — most commonly used)
Use this if you know the outer size of your mat, and you know the image size. The spreadsheet will calculate the widths of the sides/borders of your mat. It will calculate for either a single mat, or a double mat. It will allow your bottom mat border to match the top border, or the bottom border can be taller.

Image & Border Known (second page)
Use this when you want control over mat border widths. This common if you will be ordering/making a custom sized frame. The spreadsheet will calculate the frame size needed.

Picture Framing Magazine Extensive downloadable PDF articles on framing design.
  My notes/Links Here are some ideas on framing to explore.
The page is currently rough ... but the ideas are there, along with questions to ask yourself along the way.
If you're considering making your own frames, be sure to explore the section on "Make your frames..."
Picture Framing Magazine Extensive downloadable PDF articles on mounting artworks securely, permanently, and without damaging the original.
  Float-Mounting Watercolors and Drawings. (PDF) How to properly attach watercolor paper or drawing paper to supports (backing) while allowing the edges of the paper to be visible.
  Hinge Matting instructions. Basic instructions and illustrations for properly connecting all of the parts — mat, artwork and backing.


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