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Understanding Digital Cameras : Getting the Best Image From Capture to Output

2007 eBook

A useful general introduction to digital cameras, terminology and settings.
Various shooting types and conditions are discussed. (people, nature, action, studio)
Several quality-related topics are discussed. (digital, optical and color quality)

Career As a Professional Photographer : Commercial, Corporate and Industrial, Fashion, Fine Art, Forensic, Portrait, Scientific, Medical, Stock, Wildlife and Nature

2007 eBook

Intro to the range of options available to professional photographers, and the nature of the profession.

Note the brief chapter: I Am a Fine Art Photographer

Picturing Ourselves : Photography & Autobiography

1997 eBook

Essays exploring the role and nature of autobiography, particularly as photographs contribute to, or become autobiography.

Trace and Transformation : American Criticism of Photography in the Modernist Period

1999 eBook

Explores critical issues in fine art photography including:
Pictorialism, Straight Photography, Documentary Photography, Popular Criticism, Subjectivism, Independent Vision, Formalism, Modernism and Postmodernism.


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The History and Practices of the Art of Photography

Full Text AvailableBy: Snelling, Henry Hunt. Project Gutenberg. eBook. 63p.

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Real Fantasies : Edward Steichen's Advertising Photography

Full Text AvailableBy: Johnston, Patricia A. University of California Press. 1997. eBook. 370p.

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The Burden of Visual Truth : The Role of Photojournalism in Mediating Reality

Full Text AvailableBy: Newton, Julianne Hickerson. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. 2001. eBook. 219p.

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Scenes in a Library : Reading the Photograph in the Book, 1843-1875

Full Text AvailableBy: Armstrong, Carol. MIT Press. 1998. eBook. 533p.

Explores how we view images and derive meaning from or attach meaning to photographs.

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Literary Admirers of Alfred Stieglitz

Full Text AvailableBy: Thomas, F. Richard. Southern Illinois University Press. 1983. eBook. 128p.

... of Stieglitz and photography is necessary to an understanding of the enormous impactphotography has had on our ways of seeing, thinking, and, therefore, writing. Although this study is confined to a certain historical period (c. 1900–1940), I hope that the implications of the thesis transcend the period, for the visual revolution that began with the advent of photography is now a constant, ...

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Cultures of Vision : Images, Media, and the Imaginary

Full Text AvailableBy: Burnett, Ron. Indiana University Press. 1995. eBook. 365p.

...What interests me is the formal and historical reciprocity between photography and painting, a reciprocity governed by notions of intention and artistic control. It took until the middle of the twentieth century for photography to overcome the stigma of its technological base. 


Out of Date, but available...

Digital photography has dramatically changed the tools and options available to photographers. Though the core of image-makiing and visual expression persist, content about cameras needs to be recent to be helpful to beginning photographers.

These books are easily accessible, but are likely only marginally useful.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Digital Photography

1999 eBook


Pocket Idiot's Guide to Photography

1998 eBook

Careers for Shutterbugs & Other Candid Types

1995 eBook






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