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All sorts of things related to kids art.
Lesson plans for teachers. Over 2250 are available for all grade levels. (sign up for a free account)

Explore . Its a great site to play with art and get ideas and creative juices flowing, even for college students.

Explore all the other art links on

Getty Museums lesson plans. Getty's guide to building lesson plans.

Topic-searchable lesson plans at

Amon Carter Museum (Fort Worth) teaching resources.

Art Institute of Chicago lesson plans and resources.
And an online tour of the AIC (thanks to Alexa with the Creative Girls Adventure Bookclub)

Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) educational resources.

Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY) educational resources.


Adobe's Kuler website and color-scheme planning tool and repository.
Palettes can be explored and explorted to Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

ColorSystem has more history of color theory and theorists than you're likely to find elsewhere.

Water Color Painting:

HandPrint is loaded with info on water colors. The site emphasizes technical aspects of paint, pigment, paper, etc. It is exceptionally thorough and well organized.

Art History:

Best of History Web Sites Art History

This site appears to be well-maintained and frequently updated by other art educators and art historians thus its a good site to start with. Note the extended section on Lesson Plans & Activities.

Image Banks

(there are many...sorry, more to post later)

Olga's Gallery has a fairly generous collection with biographical info on major artists and movements.

Most major museums have excellent info and image access. (Metropolitan, Louvre, Hermitage...)


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