Art 1600:  Design Foundations I - Final Project


Nature Study Project

You will explore and make decisions about these four matters:
book, web site, space, ?
what is your topic selected from nature?
Topics/Forms to Analyze 
what aspects of form to explore?
(esp. Graphic Concept)
             Each of these choices then leads to other choices.


Required Content and Pages
here is an outline of required project components

Deadlines for the project are posted on in Canvas.  

Usually the final project presentation is on the last day of class during Deadweek.  (not Finals week) 

Project General Goals and Requirements
Outline of Required Content

Past Projects Illustrated

Deadlines for the Project




Grading Criteria


This project involves several issues, including...

Design Analysis:
study design traits present within nature
Look hard at your subject... explore the forms that make it a beautiful or intriguing object to look at. e.g. line, shape, color, balance, rhythm etc.

Graphic Communication:
create graphics, images, photos, diagrams, displays or models that show us those design traits clearly.
Your job is to design a way to quickly show the viewer what you have discovered ... how might your images highlight and simplify the forms of your subject?

Graphic Concept, Layout Design & Composition:
create a presentation that packages it all into a functional, enjoyable, informative, unified whole.

You may design a book, an exhibition or nature-influenced space concept.
Graphic Concept/Layout of Presentation:  How will the pages or boards be similar? How will   every page/board be unique, yet unified throughout? 

In Book format projects, the multipage book's layout and graphic concept need to be well-developed, unified and expressive of the subject and content.

In Space planning format projects, the boards need to be thoughtfully designed, but emphasis is on the graphic concept of the space design itself.  So you will explore ways in which your nature subject can inform and influence your space concept.  Be sure that your written concept statement affirm the connection between aspecpts of your nature subject, and your space concept.  


Use the tools, media, software and techniques necessary to make your concept real and durably interactive.
Putting your Nature Study together always involves surprises, delays, problems, creative solutions, planning and just plain discipline and persistence. When making something that has never before been made, you've got to plan the making and leave time to experiment with materials and techniques.
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Feel free to send the instructor suggestions or questions regarding this project.