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Art 200 —2D Design

Some of our in-class presentations will be posted here. This is usually done on an "as requested" basis. That is, if you want to be able to review a lecture, contact me and let me know which class it was presented in (which day) and, if possible, the topic (sometimes we see more than one per day).

Please rememer that these presentations are not designed as "stand-alone" presentations. You're welcome to review them, but they are designed to complement in-class discussions. Thus, much of what is said about a slide, is not written anywhere on the slide.

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Powerpoint Files

        1. Problem Solving — Creative problem-solving process.
        2. Sketch Emphasis — Emphasis-boldness in abbreviated sketches.
        3. Unity-Variety — Harmony, Order, Unity, Variety.
        4. Emphasis — Tactics and issues of emphasis, relief, focal areas, etc.

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2D Design
Color Theory


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