Hybrid Rocket Exhaust Plume Analysis

Project Summary:
his project centers on non-invasive measurements of a chemical rocket motor. Measurements will be made on UALR’s HTPB/oxygen hybrid rocket motor as well as on a minihybrid designed to determine the effects of scaling the rocket down. A “snap-shot” UV-Vis spectrometer will be designed to give real time measurement of temperature and species in both the plume and the combustion chamber. A laser diode infrared spectrometer will be developed to look at both water and carbon dioxide in the plume. Initial observations will focus on the temperature of the plume as well as concentrations of OH radicals, oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide, as inferred from intensity of spectral peaks. Metallic components of the plume will be monitored so as to predict component failures. A thrust sensor will be designed to measure the six independent components of force exerted by the motor. Chemkin chemical reaction code will be used to predict metrics for combustion efficiency for HTPB/oxygen, HTPB/peroxide, and hydrazine/oxidant.

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