Welcome to the Harding University Atmospheric and Space Research Team website. The team operates under the leadership of Dr. Ed Wilson, Professor of Chemistry in Harding University's Department of Chemistry. This research has been funded by grants from NASA Astrobiology Science and Technology Instrument Development (ASTID), NASA Experimental Program to Stimulate Cooperative Research (EPSCoR), and the Arkansas Space Grant Consortium.

      Through this research, Harding undergraduate students gain valuable hands-on experience and knowledge in chemistry and physics. Current research projects include analysis of hybrid rocket motor exhaust plumes, development of a distributed spectrometer for use on a future NASA rover mission to Mars, and studies of atmospheric chemical reaction kinetics. The Harding team also competes in NASA's annual University Student Launch Initiative, in which they design, build, and fly a rocket with a scientific payload.

      Dr. Wilson may be reached at (501) 279-4513. If you're a current or prospective Harding student interested in being part of the team, email Dr. Wilson or stop by Room 134B in the Pryor-England Science Building at Harding.

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