Color Sorting Exercise

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Exploring Color Perception

Color Sort

The web site at XRite has a color challenge for you. Alt2 short test |
AltHidden Number-Dots Ishihara test
| AltHidden Number-Dots Ishihara test | AltHidden-Number-Dots Ishihara test

In order to complete this successfully, you'll need access to a computer with a good monitor...
... not-too-bright ambient lighting, and...
.... fresh eyes (your color vision is best early in the day...but after you're fully awake.)



Calibrate for best color display

If possible, first take a few minutes to calibrate your computer monitor so that your display is as accurate as possible. The colors that your screen displays are often *not* the colors intended by your software. Calibration improves the accuracy of your screen's display.

To color calibrate a Mac, go to...
(Apple Menu): System Preferences: Displays: Color: Calibrate...
Turn "Expert Mode" on. Click "Continue" and follow the onscreen instructions.

Windows 8 instructions.
On Windows 7, check out these instructions.
On Vista, try this YouTube instruction (which links to the online tools here), or this YouTube intro.


Test 1: (old) XRite Test (appears to no longer be available... contact me if you find it )

Go to the color-sort page at XRite

Now, settle in and try to get each row of colors perfectly smooth — create ideal, smooth, gradual gradients of color from left to right.

Then "Score the Test".

Send me an email describing:
A) What was your score?
B) Which colors gave you the most challenge?

How do you know that?
When you finish the test, you'll see a screen that looks something like this, below.
It tells you which hues were getting confused by the white bars along the bottom edge of the color spectrum..

In the results above, the Blue-Blue-Green samples and the Blue-Violet swatches have been confused.
(This usually means there is a some difficulty distinguishing red and green, since the red present in the blue-violet and the green present in the BBG are what diferentiate the BV from the BG sample.)



Test 2: (newer) XRite Color Challenge

The XRite Color Challenge


Test 3: Colblindor Color Arrangement Test

The Colblindor Color Arrangement Test


Complete the test... it will look similiar to this...
Sort each color sample so that the hues progress gradually.

Your results appear similar to this...

If there are flaws in your color test, bold lines will present the colors that are switched - as below.
Note the numbers of the colors that are off (here, 7-12 are mixed).




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