Apple Nature Study

This Nature Study of an apple relies on digital tools—
mainly Photoshop for image manipulation and layout.

Graphic Concept: a limited palette of colors is used (Green/Yellow Greens; Red-to-Red-Orange; Black (type, esp.) and white
The page layout is quite consistent, but not identical. Most pages have a heading/title block near the top of the page. Usually it is in the same location, and is consistently tall. The title block contrasts in color and value with the background — if the page background is predominantly pale yellow-green, then the heading block is a mid-dark red-orange. If the page background is a mid-dark red-orange, then the heading is pale yellow-green.

Good information is presented about the apple's form, and graphic communication about those features is clear and visual.
The final book was printed, trimmed and bound well.


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Title Page

Table of Contents

Textual Intro

Graphic Intro (Views)



Formal Relationships Intro

Balance and Repetition

Value to Mankind

Similar Forms in Nature

Design Applications




Back Cover

Back and Front Cover

Inside Panel of Covers

Unused version of Text Intro

Digitally Designed Books | All Nature Studies

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