1. Introduce ourselves
  2. Syllabus
  3. Academic integrity
  4. Definitions
    1. Computer - Electronic machine that operates under the control of stored instructions and can:
      1. accept data (input)
      2. process data arithmetically and logically
      3. produce results (output)
    2. Programming - Telling the computer in minute detail (typically with a programming language) the sequence of steps required to perform a task.
    3. Software development - The entire process involved in creating software and ensuring its future availability. This includes the following:
      1. Analysis: Careful evaluation of the problem the software should solve
      2. Design: Determine how the software should be constructed
      3. Implementation: Programming the software
      4. Testing: Ensuring the software works as intended
      5. Deployment: Installing the software
      6. Maintainance: Fixing bugs and adding new features
  5. Discussion
    1. How are computers useful?
    2. How are computers harmful?
  6. Easel