B.S. Biology 1967, Harding College                  "If I had it to do over again,
   M.S. Zoology 1969, Utah State University            I'd do it over again." 
   Ph.D. Biology 1976, University of Kansas                        -Yogi Berra

Harding University
        Professor Emeritus of Biology (2018-present) 
        Professor of Biology (1985-2018)
        Coons Endowed Chair of Biomedical Sciences (1990-1995)
        Chairman of the Department of Biology (1986-1991; 2012-2013)
        Associate Professor of Biology (1981-1984)
        Assistant Professor of Biology (1976-1980)
        Instructor of Biology (1971-1972)
   US Army - Psychiatric Technician (1969-1971)