SSH Tunnel to Taz

If you would like to view your Taz website from outside of Harding, you will need to follow these directions for setting up an SSH tunnel. This will allow you to get around the firewall and access Taz just like you would from Harding.

These directions assume you have already downloaded and installed Putty, a free SSH client.

  1. Start Putty.

  2. Enter in the Host Name field and Tunnel to Taz in the Saved Session field as shown in the screen shot below:

    Putty screen shot

  3. Expand the SSH selection under Category on the left side of the window and select Tunnels.

  4. In the Source port field, enter 9900, and in the Destination field, enter Then click the Add button. This tells Putty to route all traffic from the local port 9900 to port 80 on Taz. Putty will look like the following screen shot:

    Putty screen shot

  5. Now select Session from the Category list on the left and click the Save button. This will save your session as Tunnel to Taz.

  6. Double-click Tunnel to Taz in the list of saved sessions, and a console window will appear. Enter your Taz username and password at the prompt. Once you are logged in, leave this window open while you want to access Taz. When you close this window, Taz will no longer be accessible through the firewall.

  7. In your browser, access Taz by entering http://localhost:9900/~username/ where username is your username. You should see your Taz web page. If you don't, repeat all these steps, making sure you follow them exactly. If you still cannot access your web page, you can contact me for help.

Note: You can only access Taz web pages using http://localhost:9900/ at the beginning. If you try to access directly, the firewall will prevent anything from being returned to you. So, if you have a web form that posts to, you will need to change it to post to localhost:9900. Better yet, always make your URLs relative so this isn't a problem. Example:


<form method="post" action="">
<form method="post" action="/~username/my.php">

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