The Ultimate Battleship Game

Ship Placement Screen Shot
Ship Placement 

3D Game Board Screen Shot
3D Game Play 

Technical Data Screen Shot
Technical Data for Submarine 


  • 3D display of game board
  • 4 different levels of play
  • Animated hit reactions
  • Fight for one of 12 different countries
  • Climb the ranks from Cadet to Admiral
  • Traditional or Goofy sound effects
  • High score tracking
  • Player profile
  • Technical data on each ship of the fleet
  • Easy click and drop for ship placement
Scorched Sea (for Windows 9x, NT, XP, Vista) is available for FREE.  Click HERE to download (3.4 MB).

History of Scorched Sea

Scorched Sea is the winning software project from the Software Development class at Harding University. It was written during the 1996 spring semester. 5 separate senior software teams competed against each other to see who could produce the most professional, fun, and entertaining piece of software based on the traditional Battleship game by Milton Bradley. 

Los Cuatro Amigos was composed of four seniors: Frank McCown, Andy Ashworth, Jaime Bermudez, and Roberto Batres. We used Delphi 1.0.