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Scorched Choice is a free Windows application that randomly selects 5 contestants to compete against each other. The contestants are chosen at random from a list of names, and a single winner emerges from the animated battle at sea. You may download Scorched Choice for Windows XP and use it free of charge.

Scorched Choice is ideal for conferences and public give-aways since it provides an entertaining animated sequence (less than 1 minute in duration) that selects a single winner. It has been used for several years to select a door prize winner from the Computing Seminar at Harding University.

Scorched Choice was developed by Frank McCown as part of a college project and is based on Scorched Sea, a Battleship game developed in 1996 for Windows.

Screen shot 1 Enter all the names of the contestants and press "Start!".
Screen shot 2 Five contestants are randomly selected to compete and are assigned as captains to five different ships.
Screen shot 3 The five ships are randomly placed on a 10x10 grid, and play begins. The computer randomly bombs each of the ships. Sometimes a kamikaze attacks a ship and destroys it with a single hit. Play continues until only one ship remains.
Screen shot 4 The captain of the final remaining ship uses Weapon X to destroy the enemy and is declared the winner.


You may download Scorched Choice for Windows XP and use it free of charge.


Just unzip the zip file into any folder (example: C:\scorpick) and run ScorPick.exe.


There are several ways you can modify and configure Scorched Sea for your own use:

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