Super Scooter

Super Scooter is a Windows platform game developed by students in the Fall 2009 semester of COMP 475, Game Programming. It was written in C# using the XNA platform and was completed in about a month. All graphics are original. Feel free to download the source code or just the game itself.

The goal of the game is to reach the acorn at the end of each level as quickly as possible. You'll have to avoid or defeat numerous enemies along the way. If you reach the end quickly, you'll receive bonus points for the time left on the clock.

Use the left and right arrow keys to move Scooter, and use the Space Bar to jump. Jumping on top of enemies will kill them. The game ends when you find the accorn on level 4 or lose all 4 of your lives.

Main Menu

Main Menu

This is a screenshot of the main menu.

Action Screen

Super Scooter in Action

This is a screenshot from level 2.



Justin Barrios Initial game class and framework, graphic design
Weston Castleberg Collision detection
Misael Cojtin Moving backgrounds, sound
Ben Hale Graphic and level designs
Scott Herring Team co-leader
Christopher Leach Collision detection
Logan McLain Team co-leader
Rae Melton Sound integration, graphics
Joseph Miller Enemy #2 (Bouncing Bird)
Robert Montgomery Level logic, level designer
Ben Pschierl Level logic, level designer
Seth Ringling Enemy #1 (Snake)
Paul Sherrod Scoring, game logic, menues
Daniel Tate Main character
Nathan Willingham Enemy #1 (Snake)

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