Data Communications / Networking - COMP 311

Spring 2004



I. Introduction

A. Definitions and Key Terms

B. History

C. Course Overview


II. Network software using C++

A. Layered Architectures and the OSI model

B. The Berkeley API

C. Using winsock.h with C++


Exam 1


III. The Physical Layer

A. Data Transmission, Media & Encoding

B. Error Detection & Correction

C. The Telephone Network


Exam 2


IV. Data Link & Network Layers

A. ARQ Protocols

B. MAC Protocols

C. DNS Protocols

D. Packet-Switching Networks


Exam 3


V. Transport and Higher Layers

A. TCP/IP packet details

B. Internetworking (bridges, routers & switches)

C. Security and Encryption

D. Data Compression


VI. Related Topics




Final Exam - Tuesday, May 11, 8:00 10:30 am