Internet Development I - COMP 250

Spring 2004


Week 1 Introduction

Internet history, background, and browsers

Week 2 Intro to HTML

Intro to Linux and commands

Week 3 Web graphics & image maps

Tables & frames

Week 4 Project 1 Web Site

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Week 5 CSS cont.

Exam 1

Week 6 DHTML: modal dialog boxes, dynamic images,
mouse rollovers, dynamic menus

Week 7 CGI Programming with C++

Form processing with CGI

Week 8 Project 2 CGI application

More CGI applications


Week 9 Misc. CGI topics


Spring Break


Week 10 PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)

Exam 2


Week 11 PHP syntax review

Submitting form data

Week 12 Maintaining state session variables

Project 3 PHP application


Week 13 MySQL and SQL

Accessing MySQL with PHP


Week 14 Misc. PHP topics

Week 15 XML and XHTML

Overview of Java applets and Flash

Week 16 Misc. topics

Review for final exam


Week 17 Final Exam

Section 1: Mon 12:00 2:30 pm

Section 2: Wed 2:40 5:10 pm