Giveaway Checkers Rules

Soft-Dev Fall 2006


The goal of Giveaway is to be the first player to be unable to make a move.There are two ways to accomplish this.

1.                  Loose all of your checkers to your opponent.

2.                  Trap all of your checkers.To do this you must have no legal moves remaining.

Game Board

The game board is a standard 8X8 checkerboard. Each square in the board is of alternating color.

Game Play


Both players start with 12 checkers placed on the darker squares on the first three rows of their side of the game board.When the game starts all checkers follow the movement rules for men.


Checker Movement

1.      All checkers in play will remain on the darker squares on the game board.

2.      Checkers can only move diagonally.

3.      Only one of the current playerís checkers may move per turn.

4.      Men may only move diagonally away from the end of the board from which they started.

5.      Kings may move in any diagonal direction.

6.      A jump must be made if a jump is available at the beginning of a players turn.

7.      The player must choose a jumping checker and path when multiple are available.



When a man moves to the row closest to its opponentís end of the game board that piece becomes a king and ends the turn.On future moves that checker must follow the movement rules for a king.



1.      Checker (A) can jump an opponentís checker (B) when (B) blocks the legal movement of (A) and there is an empty square just beyond (B).

2.      After a jump if the jumping checker may make another legal jump it must do so.

3.      Men that jump into position to be kinged are not treated as kings until the next turn.



††††††††††† The player with the darker colored checkers moves first.


Giveaway checkers is also known as suicide Checkers, anti-checkers, and lousing draughts.