OOP  - Assignment 9

Topic:              Java, Connect Four

Points: 25

Due:                4-18-2001

Instructor:             Dana Steil


The simple goal of the game is to try to get four chips in a line. Horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines are valid.  So if you enter a chip into a slot (column), it falls down to the bottom-most vacant field in that slot!


The Game Board should consist of 6 rows and 7 columns.


Functionality Requirements:

  1. Allow the user to drop chips in by clicking on the desired column.  Do not allow the chip to be dropped into a full column.
  2. Two players are required.
  3. Players should take turns.
  4. Each player should have a different color chip.
  5. Automatically tell the user when someone has won and disallow any more chips to be dropped.
  6. Allow the user to start a new game at any point.


See the examples on my website for help.